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KeyNote: Pieter C. Le Roux, az EuroFM elnöke

Chair EuroFM 2021 -


EuroFM stands for “The advancement of knowledge in Facility Management in Europe and its application in Practice, Education and Research.” In this keynote address Pieter C. le Roux – Chair EuroFM – will share some thoughts and insights on what EuroFM is, EuroFM's strategy, the Pan-European qualification program, and what it means for the European FM community.Principal Lecturer at Hogeschool Rotterdam / Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences, researcher, consultant on effective organizational decision-making, architectural designer, concept developer, and project management.


Born and raised in South Africa, Pieter le Roux graduated in architecture before moving into the world of Facility Management. Pieter holds a Masters and Professional Doctorate degree in Facility Management from the Toyohashi University of Science and Technology in Japan, and is currently associated with the Facility Management programme within the School for the Built Environment at Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences (RUAS) in the Netherlands. Besides his involvement in FM education, Pieter also focusses on research into the concept of “placemaking” as a theoretical concept for extending the added value of Facilities Management to the community and society within the built environment. Pieter currently holds the position as Chair EuroFM.


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